About Nalani

I was raised in Brazil in a small community that practiced natural medicine to heal and cure common ailments. So coming up with formulas for my own use has always been second nature to me.

I only made these all nature remedies for myself until a lifelong friend of mine mentioned she was experiencing very dry skin and couldn’t find a good moisturizer in local stores that worked.

I created a fresh batch of all natural body butter for her and asked her to let me know if it helped. And sure enough, a week or so later she called me up bursting with excitement at how soft and hydrated her skin felt.

It was this friend, Clarice, who inspired me to create Nalani Botanics. She said people all over the world needed organic, all natural body creams that work as well as mine did.She believed in the product so much she offered to be my partner! And we have been making high quality organic beauty products together ever since!

Our luscious ...

Are custom formulated moisturizers made from organic, healthy ingredients. I actually created these body butters to treat recurring eczema on my skin which plagued me every single dry California winter. No more of this problem for several years now!

Our ...

We began the deodorant line because of dear friends who were struggling with breast cancer and requested an alternative to aluminum-based deodorants.
Each of our three lines of deodorant (Lavender Deodorant, Citrus Deodorant, and Unscented Deodorant) are fully organic, paraben free, aluminum free and cruelty-free.

Our company will contribute a portion of your purchase to finding a cure for cancer and/or to animal causes, both of which are very important to us!

Please take your time as you browse through our line, knowing we have carefully selected each ingredient with your complete beauty and health in mind.

Norma Jeanne & Clarice McGregor

Nalani Co-Founder

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