ALL-NATURAL, Chemical-free skincare products set at low prices


Are you tired of the constant barrage of artificial that surrounds especially us women? I had recently listened to a speaker present what years of research have revealed about the happiness curve undergone by most women. According to the presenter's comprehensive analysis of feminine maturity, women are happiest in their teenage years, spilling over into their 20s and resurfacing again after their 50s. Happiness returns to most women in their golden years of adulthood because they learn to throw off imposed conventions, say "No," and value the importance of time by making sure every moment spent on what is important to them is meaningful. Also, at this later stage in their lives, women begin to invest in the opposite of artificiality, and this includes the products they purchase and use for their personal care routines. This powerful insight initiated the commencement of my all-natural journey in search of organic solutions to common skin ailments affecting my family members. While deeply invested in this never-ending exploration of a healthful lifestyle, I realized that during this phase in my life, I am willing to spend more money on high-quality, chemical-free beauty products, instead of cheap cosmetics composed of unpronounceable synthetic ingredients.

Most medicated creams and beauty products have unwanted and dangerous side effects. This is why I transformed my kitchen into an active workshop where I can design alternative treatments to help people in need of instant relief of their pains and anxieties. Natural products are superlatively effective in restoring beauty and health, along with the added benefit of being risk-free. As word spread about my products’ positive results, friends, and friends of friends began requesting for more, and so my company was immediately born. Family members, friends, and clients contributed to the development of all our products from their wishes. For example, our deodorant line came about at the requests of many beloved breast cancer survivors, and it is in their honor that we are proudly contributing a substantial portion of our profits to further cancer research.

We went to Brazil, a flora rich country abounding in tropical life, to find the best anti-aging herbs. What we found did not disappoint us. Our herbal creams contain healing and rejuvenating properties that are only grown naturally in the jungles of Brazil, which we guarantee to source in adherence to principles of fair trade and sustainability, without exception.

Furthermore, we are zealous animal lovers and have been cruelty-free certified from the onset of our business. Timber, our Alaskan Malamute puppy, is our official company mascot, and we hope you will enjoy watching him grow and promote our products as much as we do.

We want you to enjoy your shopping experience. Each customer is of great value to us. That is why we make sure to respond to every email you send us, and we are looking forward to receiving your reactions and comments about all our diverse products.

Norma Jeanne
Nalani Co-Founder